Shipping Packages

Standard packages

Please complete a request for shipment E-Form. Drop off the package and the printed E-Form to the Storeroom and inform the Storeroom employee.

The deadline for same day shipping of nonhazardous packages is 12:00 pm.

Packages containing Hazardous Materials or Dangerous Goods

Unsure if your shipment is hazardous? Please refer to Office of Research Assurances.

Any packages containing hazardous materials will require a list of compounds and amounts (please separate approximate amount per vial) to be submitted with the box. Please complete a request for shipment form E-Form. Leave the box open for inspection. The deadline for hazardous same-day service is 10:00 am.

Note: Please call the WSU hazardous materials shipping coordinator with a Storeroom employee to further explain the hazards information.

Reused Chemical Boxes

Do not reuse boxes with hazardous labels (or signs) to ship nonhazardous materials, even if the labels (or signs) have been defaced.

For more information, please refer to WSU Central Receiving and Delivery.