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Department of Chemistry Chemistry Storeroom

Shipping Packages

Part 1. Preparing the Package

Preparation of packages is largely up to the end user in terms of packaging materials but there are a few notes that you should be aware of.1. Standard packages.  Packages that don’t contain any chemicals and are relatively light (well under 150 lb) will require a shipment form and can be fully packaged up to your needs.  Just submit the form, and drop off package ready to go out.

2. Chemical packages.  Any packages containing chemicals that are being shipped will require a list of compounds and amounts (please seperate approximate ammount per vial) to be submitted with the box.  Please leave the box open for submission.

3. Large Items: Items that require a large amount of room or more likely weigh a significant amount (greater than 150 lb), require the same shipment form as above but will require shipment by freight and requires more time and expense to arrive at it’s destination.  It also may require a pallet.  The storeroom can help by calling shipping and receiving 5-5575 on a case-by-case basis to get more specifics on shipping.

4. International shipments of non-chemicals.  This will have to be completely done by the end user through the FedEx website.  As shipping and receiving will not handle international packages anymore.


 WSU Shipping Forms can be picked up from the storeroom.